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Welcome to ideallives
  A Note from Melonie:

Welcome to my website!!  This site has new and exciting changes coming your way soon!!

Has your child has been diagnosed with:

  • autism 
  • attention deficit disorder 
  • down syndrome 
  • cerebral palsy 
  • developmental delays 
  • spina bifida 
  • dyslexia 
  • a vision or hearing impairment 
  • a traumatic brain injury 
  • a speech impairment 
  • mental health concerns 
  • or perhaps you don't have a diagnosis, but you suspect autism, ADHD or some other kind of learning issue exists 
The world is not always kind to kids who don't fit the "typical" mold (or to their families).....do these sound familiar?

neighbors have been avoiding you
strangers stare when you and the kids go to the grocery store
your child has been the victim of teasing or bullies at school
the teacher says your child isn't motivated or won't sit still to do their work
your life has becomes a blur of medical appointments, evaluations, and therapy sessions (most of which your insurance company doesn't want to pay for) and the strain of too many bills and sheer exhaustion is starting to show on you and on your relationships
baby sitters, daycare centers, and even teachers take one look at your child and say "he just won't fit in" OR "we don't teach those kind of students here", OR "we're don't have enough.....(time, staff, resources) to care for your child".
You are NOT alone --
These are people who understand what you are facing and value both you and your child.  At Ideal Lives everyone understands that you are the most VITAL element in your child's success.
"I sure do wish I had tools like this website when I was searching and searching for help for my son 4 years ago! You are a "Godsend!" God Bless You!!!"  ~ Priscilla Rodriguez, New Mexico 
Ideal Lives can help!
IdealLives.com is designed specifically for you -- a parent raising a child with special physical, emotional, or educational needs. We want to be your one-stop destination for practical information, success strategies, and moral support -- all from the comfort and convenience of your home computer. Check out our:

Article library - It's filled with tips and ideas from a wide range of special needs experts, coaches, and advocates.
News area - We'll let you know about news headlines in the world of special needs and special education as well online events and conferences where you can learn the latest treatments and most effective strategies to help your child. And if you like news that comes to you, you can use our RSS service to have our news items sent automatically to your RSS Reader
Success Strategies for Special Needs Parents - This free downloadable program will automatically show you a new tip or strategy to help you be a better parent and advocate for your special child every week for an entire year.  It's our special gift to you just for visiting Ideal Lives!
Comprehensive Resource Directory - This is my personal directory of special needs information links. I promise you won't find a better, more practical, or easier to use directory online.   See what sites I visit when I need ideas to share in my one-on-one coaching with parents and professionals.
60 Second Tips - Browse through back issues of the Ideal Lives Express, filled with quick tips and great online resources. Or sign up for one of our new topic specific 60 second newsletters -- YOU select the topics you really want to know about and get more information that matters to you.
And when you need personal help and mentoring:

Locate a professional advocate or coach in your area in our National Directories for expert "on-the-spot" assistance.
"I have a son who is autistic. When I came upon Ideal Lives, I was very frustrated because my son has violent tendencies and was in regression. With your help, I was able to look in the right places for answers. I don’t know where I would be now if Ideal Lives was not there for me. You turned a tearful, frowning mom into a fighting, teaching, learning, happy machine. God bless you, and thank you. My work goes on, but I have the happy thought of knowing I have you to talk to and support me."  ~ Jannette Sawyer, Parent 
Click here to read more visitor comments
"Thank you for doing much of the legwork so the job of parent and advocate is a litte easier. You gave me virtually unlimited access to help to write a good IEP for a student with autism. I used it to help my son and daughter and have already recommended it to two friends."  ~ Anna Michelle Petrini - Fairfax, VA 
Our mission is to connect advocates to answers!
Questions or Comments? Drop me a note, I'd love to hear from you!

Ideal Lives Project